The most successful people share certain secrets. Call them ideas or call them traits, people with power or success or money seem to have these things in common:

"5 things people with power or success have"1. The power of persistence

2. The power of passion

3. The power of self-control

4. The power decision and action

5. The power of creativity

The Power of Persistence

We all know and admire people who have failed and gone on  to great success. Before he invented the electric light bulb, Thomas Edison failed more than 1000 times. He never saw it as a failure; he saw it as one more step towards succeeding. Henry Ford is another example. He came from a poor background with no education, but he looked at the horse and buggy, and saw the amazing cars we drive today. Abraham Lincoln failed in business and in running for government several times, but we all know how he ended up.

Persistence will carry you when intelligence and luck do not. Many of us give up too soon. Winston Churchill, a hero in horrible times, is well known for this phrase,” Never, never, never, never give up.”

The Power of Passion

You’ve probably heard the expression,” if you can believe it,  you can achieve it.” That’s telling us that a good idea alone is not enough. You have to believe in it. I’ll bet you know people who are very intelligent but have never risen very high in life. And I’ll bet you know other people who haven’t had much going for them but have succeeded in spite of obstacles. It’s very likely due to their determination to achieve their goals in spite of anything that comes against them. To the extent that you can acquire this attitude, you will succeed.

The Power of Self-Control

As we’ve discussed in the last three chapters, entrepreneurs have a lot of power over their jobs, but if it’s used incorrectly, it can lead to failure. The power of self-control in business is really about the way you handle your thoughts and your emotions. As you to take action instead of procrastinate, to manage any drivers that keep you stuck, and to focus, you will increase your ability to succeed.

The Power of Decision and Action

Studies have shown that one of the greatest causes of failure is lack of decision. Along with that, procrastination is the most common thing that holds people back from achieving their full potential. Studies have also shown that millionaires make a habit of making decisions promptly and then only changing them when necessary.

Decision-making is not just about the ability to do it promptly; it’s also about having the correct information on which to base the decision. You may need to rely on others for help or information, but base your decision on the most accurate facts possible. Once you feel you have those, take action.

The Power of Creativity

"the power of creativity in action"This quality, creativity,  is an underrated. No doubt. Creativity does not just apply to writing a novel or painting a portrait; it applies to the life you create for yourself and the business you create for yourself in all their aspects. And so much of your success will depend on how creative your solutions are. Have you noticed? Almost every great success story in business begins with one good idea. If you can’t think for yourself and imagine possibilities, you must depend only on what others before you have done. That might not be right for you.

That might not be your best.