About Me

PAST LIFE Revealed!
Do you feel you don’t belong here?
Do you think there is more to you than this lifetime? Most probably…
I can help you remember through a mind-opening session, specific exercises for recall, using guided multi-dimensional expression, and more. By knowing who you were in previous times (past and/or future), the present may be explained, thus gaining awareness – becoming Empowered! REMEMBER AND HEAL!

How does my animal feel? How will I know it’s the right time to help my pet go to Heaven? Did I make the right decision? Does my pet like the vet, groomer, pet-sitter? Why is my pet having behavioral issues? How can I get my animals to get along? What do they think of me? Are they happy?
I have helped many pet owners with * Health Issues * Lost & Found * Death & Dying * Behavioral Issues * Contact Your Departed Pet.