Women Bloggers to Watch Summer 2018

Today we are starting a new section of HER Business Listings entitled Women Bloggers to Watch. Our goal is to honor at between 15 and 20 women each month so that by the end of the year we will have a list of more than 150 woman bloggers! IF YOUR BLOG IS ON THIS LIST, BE SURE AND GRAB OUR BLOGGER AWARD BELOW TO USE ON YOUR BLOG.  FEEL FREE TO LINK BACK TO THIS POST! Most of the women bloggers to watch that made this list have been blogging for at least 1 year, and we do have some relative newcomers to the world of blogging.  Each blog has a style of its own with substantive content that is both interesting and targeted to specific demographics. This list was compiled by HER Business Listings team.  Our goal is to invite our readers to nominate women for future listings. What type of blogs are we looking for? Blogs about business, life, motherhood, finance, religion, sports, fitness, food, lifestyle, coaching, mentoring, the arts, crafts, wellness, travel, beauty, …
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