Let’s talk about the food you eat and how that has an impact on how you feel, how healthy you are, and finally how productive you end up being throughout your busy day. In turn, this will help you become more successful at your job or in your business. In other words, the topic today is how your diet can influence your business success. 

When you think about improving your productivity and your bottom line, cleaning up your diet isn’t usually the first strategy you would consider implementing. The changes the food we eat make on a day to day basis are subtle and easy to miss. 

It is a little easier to see when food affects us badly. Think back to the last time you had a big lunch of pasta and felt like taking a nap after your meal. In this case, the food you ate made a big difference in how much you got done that day. Choosing a healthy light lunch would have served you much better.

While the food you eat has small daily effects that will influence your business success, the bigger story is about the long-term effects. Food has a significant impact on your overall health. The full extent of the impact we don’t completely understand yet. But, eating a healthy diet of fresh whole foods supports your immune system and decreases your chances of developing health problems. Anything from heart disease to cancer.

The key is to make healthy eating choices every day to benefit both in the long and short-term. Of course, that’s easier said than done. It takes time and effort to change your diet and make healthy eating a habit.

Start by becoming aware of what you eat and how that food affects you. A food journal is an excellent tool to help you do that. By becoming aware, you’ll start to make smarter choices. It’s much harder to mindlessly munch on a bag of chips or cookies when you know you’ll have to write it down. 

Planning your meals early and having plenty of healthy snacks ready to eat also helps. Making small changes like this will set you up for healthy eating success. It won’t take long to make healthy eating and smart food choices a habit. Keep working on it, and you will start to clean up your diet and feel better for doing so.

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How A Fitness Tracker Can Help You Succeed in Business

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Fitness trackers like the Fitbit, a simple pedometer, or the fitness apps on your smartphone are great tools to help you move more and sit less

Getting more exercise is beneficial for both your overall health and your business success… 

Knowing this and getting it done are of course two entirely different things. 

It takes time to create new habits, and it’s easy to fall back into old patterns of sitting behind your desk for hours at a time. 

That’s where a fitness tracker comes in.

It’s a simple tool that reminds us to movemore and shows us how much, or how little we’ve walked around on a given day. 

Use those numbers to inspire you to walk more and hit your daily step goals. Most apps and fitness trackers will even alert you when you’ve been stationary for too long. 

What a great way to stay motivated to get up, stretch, and take a little walk. 

Try one for yourself and see if it helps you.