The COMFY COVER portable seat cover protects your skin and clothes from dirt, bacteria, and uncomfortable or sticky seating surfaces giving you a safe sitting experience. Use it at restaurants, coffee shops, sporting events or almost anywhere to put an end to the irritation of sticking to seats!

COMFY COVER is a compact, portable seat protector created by a mother/daughter team who is always on the go that wanted a simple solution to a pervasive problem. Frustrated with the pain of our skin sticking to seats and feeling like it’s being peeled off when standing up, and unable to find a product on the market to remedy this problem, we created COMFY COVER. After many attempts to find the perfect solution, we developed a soft, non-slip cloth that will feel great on your skin and protect you from unwanted elements that you may be touching. We packaged it in a convenient travel pouch so you can easily take it on the go with you. It also has a drawstring and carabiner so you can attach it to your purse, beach bag, cooler, stroller, backpack, or wherever your adventures take you!


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Name or CompanyCOMFY COVER