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About the Owner – Cacia Harris:

I graduated with a business marketing degree and was quickly thrown into the advertising world. I soon realized that the fast pace and high stress of that world didn’t fulfill my artistic side, and I was left feeling empty. I refocused my energy into raising my three kids whose intelligence challenges me daily. Over the years, we have moved many times, and this made me fall in love with the opportunity to recreate a home and space where my people could feel loved and happy. Even though I don’t have a degree in design, a passion for interior decorating has always been something I loved, even at a young age. My design style has evolved over the years as my experiences shaped who I am and what I treasure. I have found the importance of being mindful of the energy each piece brings into my home. I enjoy incorporating unique statement pieces that remind me of special memories or because they add a sense of interest and curiosity.

Our ideal client is someone who is moving into their first home or those who just want a refresh of their current space. They desire unique designer home decor pieces that elevate their space and bring them comfort and joy. These people know that how a space is filled does impact their energy and how they feel.

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