Debbie Barth is the author of the children’s book …. “The Promise Book; Tell Someone.” Together, with the beautiful illustrations of Pat Marvenko Smith, she has provided the key to the vehicle needed by parents to help them talk with their young children about child predators.

Please go to for this must-have book. “The Promise Book;

Tell Someone” is also located at

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Debbie Barth currently hosts her own show at On The Grid Internet Talk Radio at She has also shared the air waves with her co-host and biographical author, Linda J. Alexander and Dori DeCarlo … at Three Wise Girls.

She is also a lifetime global member of Women’s eCommerce Association International (WECAI).

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  1. I purchased Debbie’s book for my great grand daughter. We had a great time reading it and really enjoyed the beautiful pictures in it. It was so much easier to explain and keep her attention by showing her the pictures The book allowed me to discuss and explain things that would have not been easy for me because you don’t want to scare your child or grand child. She enjoyed the book very much and loves looking at the beautiful pictues. It helped me to reach out to her. I would recommend this book for any parent or grand parent to purchase for their child. If it can help one child it is well worth it. I thank Debbie for writing this. Well worth it. Great read and beautiful illustrations.


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