President & Founder of Motivational Training Center LLC & Founder of Professional Speakers Network

Dr. M. Tina has 25+ years experience as a Professional Speaker, Author of 5 books, creator of other resources for personal and professional growth and development. She is lovingly known internationally as The Chicken Lady because of 12 years experience as a Corporate representative for a major fast food restaurant chain.

She is a…

  • Community Leader
  • Author
  • Radio Host
  • Professional Speaker

She speaks on

  • Customer Service
  • Communications & Presentation Skills
  • Personal & Professional Development
  • Corporate Community Relations

She also has 12 years experience as a corporate trainer. Dr. Dupree offers excellent results as a one-on-one speaker coach, and self publishing coach. She has successfully helped more than 200 authors get their books written and published and MTC, LLC has trained and certified more than 200 professional speakers.

She is the author of several books including “Hot T.I.P.S on Public Speaking” and “It’s Time to Invest in Yourself”

Dr. Dupree’s ultimate goal is to open her own School of Ministry to help adults complete their Ministry college degree.

November 4 is National Chicken Lady Day named in honor of Dr. Marthenia “Tina” Dupree, a businesswoman and motivational speaker. Dupree’s inspiring story and successful business acumen led to a meeting with President George W. Bush. National Chicken Lady Day on November 4 is meant to honor Dupree’s efforts to raise educational standards in her community.


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