Transmutating Of the Universal Consciousness Heart

For Higher Consciousness Living!

Empath, International Psychic, Prophetic Channel, Master Healer and Mentor, Carole Ramsay’s purpose is to INTEGRATE an “easy” Direction to access High Vibrational Frequencies of Light for Higher Consciousness Awareness.

Carole accesses information at will to help you create a new perspective of acceptance of what is in your life, to create more health, happiness, abundance, and love to bring JOY!

Carole specializes in major life changes: divorce, career, illness, mental and/or emotional issues, grief. Her Master Mediumship accesses your Higher Self, Guides, deceased loved ones, beloved pets, Past / Future Lifetimes. She teaches Usui Reiki (Universal Life Force Energy), Psychic Development, Coaches you during a major Life change, and more. Live your dream! 

Carole Aileo Ha’la Ramsay


By Appointment Only! 954-655-5490

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