Are you a busy business owner strapped for time? Maybe you’re a high achieving entrepreneur with a vision but aren’t sure how to see it to fruition. You could be a kick-ass leader struggling with self-doubt. If any of the above ring true, welcome! I’m glad you’re here. I’ve been where you are, and I can help.

My name is Annette Walter, and I have started, sold, grown and acquired over 15 companies. I currently own and operate a National Lumber Supply and Commercial Carpentry company, and I’ve had the opportunity to coach over 250 international and local business owners and their teams throughout my career. As a coach since 2009, I know the value of having a judgement free, confidential space to objectively gain perspective and knowledge. Coaching is my passion; it’s what ignites my soul and makes me excited to greet each new day. The exhilaration of growing people and companies is incomparable, and my passion for seeking growth inspires excellence in my work. I know how daunting finding a coach can be; let me make it simple.

Through immense personal experience with my clients, I have researched and developed a coaching program that sparks confidence and helps you define and execute your goals. I focus on teaching you how to effectively manage your time, grow your team, and analyze your product(s) through mentorship and accountability. I’ll show you how to break down your profit margins and understand your numbers while providing a personalized approach for you and your business.

Through coaching and running my current company, I have experience with nearly every industry: professional and service-based businesses, automotive, pharmaceutical, food and beverage, petrochemical, manufacturing, construction….you name it. As a coach, business owner and operational strategist, I study systems, software, apps, marketing, sales, finance, business development, efficiencies and business tools; I’m a self-proclaimed business nerd. I was born and raised by an entrepreneur, so I believe the entrepreneurial gene is in my blood. This fantastic gene includes an eye for detail and an incredible work ethic. I firmly believe you are ready to create the business you have always envisioned.

(**NOTE: If you are searching for a coach, please be careful. The coaching market has become extremely saturated due to the low barriers to entry. There are many amazing coaches out there, but there are just as many scams targeting you. Do your research and invest wisely.)

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