Welcome to a world where you can leave your problems behind.

In Hypnogenics™ energetic hypnotherapy, we access a space where you will choose what elements exist in your life. No more solving problems. Instead, we focus on letting go and stepping into more of you! Whether it’s a one-to-one session, or a recording to help with a specific issue, the techniques are the same.  And through this transformational process, you step into being the leader of your own life. All of it.

Essentially, it all comes down to this…
You are powerful beyond measure. It really is so much more simple to access your powers than you have been told. The person you know you are is already there, just waiting next to you.

So, what is a Hypnogenics™  session really like?  You lead, I follow. Because you are infinitely amazing. By following your glorious energy, we unlock your inner creativity, strength and power. Just be ready, because If you ask the spirits to help you run, you’d better be prepared to fly!


Hi, I’m Jessica.

I’ve been many things in my life – probably you have, too.

I know that you’ve been functioning at 20% of what you’re capable of.  And I know that this pains you deeply.

We think that if we just learn more, do more, get better,  we will finally have what we’re looking for. But all of this is a distraction.

You don’t need to get better at anything, you don’t need to be less you. It is ridiculously simple to become the perfect expression of you. I know a simple way to be free from everything you’ve put in place to stop you.

Through my work as a hypnotherapist, I have developed Hypnogenics™. This is a quantum trance state where your energy works in orchestra with the energy we are being together.


Have you had enough of people selling to you, telling you what they know? How about what you know? Would you like to lead your life with confidence and integrity, living up to the dreams that you’ve hidden inside?

True Grit is a 28 day challenge that is free to join.

This challenge came to me like bolt from the sky: I just knew it could change things for people in a massive way. And it did. And you know the best thing? I don’t do anything to you. I hold the space, I share the challenge and then I stand back awed by the power of you.  TRUE GRIT is an inner journey, where you are fully supported by me and your peers. All you have to do is show up and allow your curiousity to run free. This gives you infinite space, choice and control. And I am with you – not telling you what to do. Together, we co-create.

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