Hi! I’m Kris, writer, audiobook narrator, an award-winning podcaster, and voice actor. A specialist in bringing your business content to life with words, sound, and images.

My experience includes narrating and producing over 50 audiobooks, the majority published to Audible. I specialize in dark fiction, spirituality, kids, comedy, and health and fitness books. I engineer to Audible specifications.

A passionate podcaster, I narrate and produce two short podcasts. I collaborate with writers and business leaders to narrate stories and articles to entertain and educate listeners. My audio engineering skills include multi-track production with music and voice.

With my writing, I provide lively stuff, not dry fluff. I’ve added humor and quality information to supply chain management, strategic sourcing, manufacturing, health and wellness, technology, and logistics blogs. I’m the health editor for Women of Wisdom magazine and featured in several Medium publications.

Additional Info

Name or CompanyKK Aria Productions