Do you have a dog or cat with some health challenges? Or is your pet healthy, and you want to make sure they stay that way? We offer customized Total Wellness consultations that will help your pet achieve and maintain true vitality and health!

It’s a proven fact that chronic health issues are on the rise in dogs and cats. Despite spending close to $60 billion/year on food and vet care, studies have shown that our pets’ lives are 11% shorter than they were a decade ago. But your pet doesn’t have to be a statistic!

With the help and guidance of Kristin Clark, a Certified Small Animal Naturopath and Carnivore Nutrition Consultant, you’ll learn how to keep your pet healthy and thriving using a holistic, natural, common-sense approach. She will work with you to help you identify risk factors for your pet and come up with a customized plan to overcome those factors so your pet can thrive.

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