Meet Miranda Jiggins, Entrepreneur

We help broken people ignite their fires again or for the first time ever.

Miranda is an energetic and passionate entrepreneur and leader. During high school, Miranda was a total social outcast – she didn’t go to prom or eat lunch in the cafeteria junior or senior year. She found fitness when she was 16, and used it strictly as a mental release. Shortly after college, Miranda found her first business mentor, who got her started with her first business, her fitness business! After becoming fully self employed in 2019, Miranda had her rock bottom moment January 2021. She did a year of very deep inner work, and started taking care of herself for the first time ever.

Before Miranda’s rock bottom moment, she was burying herself in “work” – she didn’t take a day off for 4.5 years, and was on the hamster wheel cycle to the max! Definitely not conducive for a strong leader of high impact! Miranda has learned the importance of in order to successfully lead others and scale your business, you must learn how to correctly manage yourself, your routine, have boundaries, do the inner work and take time for you – this is the secret sauce in order to scale yourself, your career and others around you quickly. Now in July 2022, Miranda has transitioned her business into mentality coaching, as well as creating and launching an events business. Most people find and hire Miranda at a very transitional point in their lives. It is her mission to help others out of their dark times, and show them that they are capable of and deserve to be going after their big goals both in their career and life, while teaching them how to effective manage themselves, and elevating others around them.

My ideal client is ready for a total lifestyle transformation! She has had enough of the hamster wheel cycle and is ready for a change! My ideal client generally is going through some sort of life event / pivot when they join our family. Strong communication is also a must – everything I do is 100% custom to the client, with elite levels of high accountability and support!


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