Laura L. Parke, RN, Your Scuba Diving and Snorkeling Success Instructor, has taught thousands of Business Professionals, Corporate CEO’s and time sensitive vacationers. Her step-by-step invincible Scuba and Snorkeling System are so effective, more time can be spent underwater for people that love the ocean. Enjoy lifetime memories with family and friends the amazing marine life, being out at sea on a boat…..and avoid having a bad incident, loss of confidence and an unhappy event in the sea.

Her proprietary techniques have been recognized by the Miami Herald, Sun Sentinel. She is frequently hired to teach and tour the clients of TripAdvisor and Travel Zoo and

Laura L Parke, Award Winning Scuba/Snorkeling Speaking Expert and Best selling Author specializes in
“Turning your natural abilities” into successful snorkelers and scuba divers to enjoy to the fullest the beauty and wonder of the ocean and all its creatures therein.

The Power of what Laura’s proprietary techniques teaches has helped her clients from around the globe including North America, Canada, South America, Germany, Austria, England and Australia.

Laura Parke can help you with her Highly Developed Programs for those who:

– Suffer anxiety from previous bad sea/bad equipment experiences
– Near drowning incidents as a little kid
– Have had a Bad Instructor or a non professional individual winging their last lesson
– Had developed a fear about certain marine life creatures

Call Laura Parke at 954-547-4818 or visit Laura Parke to schedule a complimentary inquisitive call to talk about your Scuba Diving or Snorkeling needs, desires and your next steps.

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