Rose Lee Productions Inc. is a woman owned Video and Television Production, causal marketing company. Since 1998, RLP produces award winning informative programming through the “Rose Lee Show”. The Rose Lee Show features her 30 minute format featuring a range of expert guests who focus on life changing topics and offer professional solutions. From medical innovations to healthy lifestyle tips, Rose Lee’s signature style captures solutions to resolve life concerns. Rose Lee Production’s is a creative communication multimedia production company that spotlights public interest trends and concerns to create awareness and achieve change.

Rose Lee’s unique journalistic style exposes core social issues affecting our quality of life and advocates for grassroots change for the greater good of all. Rose Lee’s expert guests offer solutions to overcome life’s adversities from government agencies, nonprofit organizations and the private business sector. RLP offers public awareness outreach campaigns to expand your message by producing informative video documentaries to stimulate change. Rose Lee’s hands on experience in social issues began as a teen mom of a son with intellectual disabilities. Today, she is a nationally recognized media advocate committed to create awareness and positive change. She is passionate about targeting issues faced by persons with disabilities and the families who care for them. Reveal the social impact of an issue you are passionate about to Rose Lee’s audience. Call us today @ 561-241-7987, to discover marketing alternatives to serve public interest and provide awareness for your cause.


Rose Lee is an award-winning TV Produce & Host of the Rose Lee Archer Show. In Graduate School she discovered her niche in journalism by addressing a unique brand of Broadcast television programming. Rose Lee’s guests present resources as Experts in their field to help viewers get past adversities in life. Rose Lee knows firsthand how important credible information and pragmatic solutions are to get past life’s challenges. Rose Lee was a teen mom of a son with disabilities and needed resources to address her son’s educational and medical needs. Rose Lee believes, “Information is power, and my show empowers our viewers with the right information” she says. The Rose Lee Archer Show offers practical resources featured by government agencies, nonprofit organizations and the private business sector.

Rose Lee launched her show in 1998 on Comcast Production Group, TV 3. She produced twelves episodes for her Graduate Thesis at Channel 20, Palm Beach Government TV, sharing her programming with PAX TV now owned by ION TV. She aired on ION TV as an independent broadcast journalist for nineteen years; one year on Discovery Life and the past four years on WSFL CW Miami TV 39. Rose Lee’s signature journalistic brand helps encourage viewers to take a proactive approach to life’s everyday adversities. From medical specialists to advanced health care innovations & lifestyle tips, Rose Lee captures real-life solutions to resolve a variety of life concerns. Rose Lee’s strength and determination as a mother, disability advocate and broadcast journalist are the motivation behind the work at Archer Disability Foundation. The nonprofit organization is a labor of love she shares with her son who has overcome many intellectual and medical issues. Together mom and son take their voice to the media and high school transition students in 5 Florida school districts from South Florida to Indian River. ADF’s mission is to create awareness of employment disparity in high school graduates and job seekers with disabilities, America’s most underutilized labor pool. Rose Lee offers businesses and organizations her passionate delivery as a speaker that will electrify her audience with the importance of equality and employment opportunities for persons with disabilities.

Rose Lee’s award-winning journalistic style sets her apart from the mainstream media by producing numerous segments highlighting the abilities and contributions of persons with disabilities. Her proactive leadership approach has captured the hearts of the media and government agencies, on and off camera. Rose Lee was presented with the following awards: Florida Points of Light Award: Women in Business Advocate of the Year: SBA Journalist of the Year: Florida Women of the Year in Television: S. Florida Business Journal Best Diversity Initiative in Human Interest: SBA Women in Business Advocate:

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