The Transcended Souls Mega Mastermind Alliance is a social group designed to provide a spiritually centered environment to heal, grow and prosper. Created with the knowledge that mind, body and soul is best nourished as one, we will connect to spirit and each other as we unravel personal, professional and life mysteries. Through meditation, energy healing, topics on health and masterminding, we will tap into that feel good vibe that will allow us to create and manifest great things. Through positive, solution focused thinking and joining together, we will transform our thoughts, transcend our way of life and attract the life we desire and deserve with ease and grace.

Transcended Souls is more than a networking group. We are a CommUNITY.

We gather for fun business meetings where you learn the things important to you from expert speakers and we feature and spotlight our own members as we surround them with love and encouragement. Transcended Souls also focuses on having fun at social events and making life-long connections. Whether you like to dance, enjoy edible art classes, engage in healthy cooking classes, enjoy tea with your friends or pot luck dinners or picnics, you will love the places we go and the things we do. What matters most is our members and we have a strong commitment to your education through webinars and teleconferences. Featuring members of our commUNITY and top rated experts in their field gives you the advantage of learning by listening to others as well as having a safe place to gain exposure for yourself. There is a “Vault of Knowledge” where videos and teleconference recording will be available to all members in case you are not able to make it on the scheduled date.

The mission of the Transcended Souls CommUNITY is to bring together those who are seeking to learn, grow and rise above any challenges or boundaries they have through education, masterminding and creating deep and lasting relationships with an unparalleled support team. Through spiritually centered business events and SOUL-cials, we become your SOUL family. Our focus is on providing a spotlight for YOU to shine and offering opportunities to allow YOU to do, have and be anything YOU desire!

Alone we are strong ~ Together we are unstoppable!



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