The Boss of You

Throughout your life, many people have tried to shape your values and tell you what to believe, what to think, and what you should hold dear. Most, if not all of these people were well-intentioned, each of them imparting lessons learned through experience, and speaking from their own unique perspective. These people were your parents, your teachers, your spiritual leaders and your friends. Every one of them wanted the best for you…as they saw fit.

Now you’re an adult, and as you’ve probably figured out, nobody is the boss of you except for you. Even if you follow the requests (or orders) of someone you hold to be an authority, you’re doing so because you choose to do so because you respect that authority.

With that understanding, it’s important that you only do or say things that align with your chosen core values, whether those requests come from within, or someone else.

When you run across situations tha…

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