Are you an Action Taker? Here are 5 Traits Of Successful Action Takers

The most successful people share certain secrets. Call them ideas or call them traits, people with power or success or money seem to have these things in common: 1. The power of persistence 2. The power of passion 3. The power of self-control 4. The power decision and action 5. The power of creativity The Power of Persistence We all know and admire people who have failed and gone on  to great success. Before he invented the electric light bulb, Thomas Edison failed more than 1000 times. He never saw it as a failure; he saw it as one more step towards succeeding. Henry Ford is another example. He came from a poor background with no education, but he looked at the horse and buggy, and saw the amazing cars we drive today. Abraham Lincoln failed in business and in running for government several times, but we all know how he ended up. Persistence will carry you when intelligence and luck do not. Many of us give up too soon. Winston Churchill, a hero in horrib…
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