What Is Brand, Anyway? The Seven Layers of Brand and How They Fuel Your Business

Excerpted from Forging an Ironclad Brand: A Leader's Guide  We all use the word "brand" as though everyone else's understanding of it were the same as ours. Yet chances are it's not, says Lindsay Pedersen, author of Forging an Ironclad Brand. "Logo is part of brand," she says. "TV and social media are parts of brand. Naming is part of brand. So are your product, your customer experience, and your SEO tactics. So are your font, your tagline, your business's personality, and the color of your employee uniforms. But none of those are, by themselves, brand." To make smart decisions around shaping and communicating your brand strategy, it's important to understand all the aspects. In her book, Pedersen identifies seven layers of brand: Brand Is What You Stand For. It's what you mean to your customer. It's the place you occupy in his or her mind. Everything your business does either reinforces your meaning, solidifying and growing its place in the customer's mind—or it we…
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