5 Reasons to Submit your Free Promotion to Her Business Directory Listings

Did you know? When you list your business on HER Business Listings Directory, you can participate in our 12 Days of Christmas Giveaway... If you have a gift that you offer your target audience and would like to get in front of a larger crowd (20,000 email and 100K social) be sure and sign up today to get your business listed. When you do, you will receive an email invitation to participate - all we need is the name of your gift, a brief sentence describing the gift (up to 30 words max.) and how to redeem it! That's it! And if you want to send a graphic too we can add that to our email marketing campaign and social media promotions. The graphic needs to be 250 X 250 pixels to be included. The graphic will have a live link to your gift. Or we will list your gift in the email with a link to it! Whatever you prefer! 5 Reasons to submit your Free Promotion to Her Business Directory Listings email marketing/social media campaign: 1.  One of the best ways to grow you…
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