Defining Your Ideal Audience – A Checklist

This checklist is designed to help you remember the important aspects of determining who your ideal audience is. Keep in mind, your individual business may or may not need all of this information. In addition, you may need to add some factors we have overlooked.     Demographics to Know Age Gender Marital Status Household Size Ethnicity Location Occupation Income Psychographics to Know Values Personality Traits Lifestyle Choices Attitude Opinions Interests Goals & Challenges Activities/Hobbies Habits Religious Beliefs Other Things You May Want to Know Their worries or fears Their deepest desires Influencers/mentors they follow How they like to consume information (online, offline, video, written material, etc.) How much time do they have to learn and apply what they are learning? How do they prefer to be contacted? Which brands, products or services do they like most and why? Wher…
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