7 Ideas for Generating More Leads in Your Business

"No matter what business you are in, you need prospects. You need people to market to, in the hopes of turning those leads into customers. Businesses both online and off can benefit from the following 7 ways to generate more leads to fill your sales funnel, build your email list and leverage to turn into cash-paying customers." 1 – Start a Podcast It seems everyone has a blog, but few marketers have podcasts. Video and audio podcasts can engage your audience much better than a text-based approach. 2 – List Your Business on Online Directories A business directory is the perfect online medium to showcase your products and your services 24/7. Find directories that allow a link back to your website.  Post on directories that will share your listing.  Niche directories can be valuable in that they do not typically have millions of listings so you have a better chance of standing out. When others visit the site to list their business, they search the categories that int…
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