What Your Potential Clients Wish You Knew

Your market is out there, and they are looking for you! It doesn’t matter if you’re a health coach for seniors, a dating coach for middle-aged women, or a business coach for crafty people. You have a large audience, and they are eagerly anticipating the help only you can provide. But you’re missing the mark in some important areas, and it’s causing them to turn away in favor of another coach. Make it Easy for Them When you’re selling your products and services online, the one rule you must abide by is to make it easy for your customers to buy. It sounds simple, right? Yet you might be shocked how often coaches (and others) break this rule. They don’t make the “buy” buttons obvious. They don’t make contact information easy to find. They don’t provide clear calls to action on their website. They don’t create easy website navigation so readers can quickly find what they need. They don’t offer the next logical product via a well-planned funnel.…
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