4 Tips to Become the Marketing Queen

A woman-owned business is designed to thrive. As women and small business owners, we have the ability to communicate, and even collaborate, in ways that other businesses might overlook due to their size and leadership. In order to capitalize on this unique stance within the business world, women must utilize all means of communication, which means taking our marketing strategies above and beyond, both online and offline. The two go hand-in-hand, and finding the correct balance - that sweet spot, if you will - is key. Here are four tips to help set you on the right path for becoming the marketing queen of your business. Stand Out! You’ve probably heard this before, but what does that really mean in terms of actually marketing your business? A business card is important, but in a meeting or a large conference, those things get shoved in pockets and briefcases faster than you can say “Call me!” Adding a memorable touch will give clients and prospects a reason to look for you…
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