82 percent of office workers spend half an hour every day searching for information

Time for a digital spring cleaning: OTRS AG shares five tips that will bring new momentum to dusty operational processes   Spring begins in a few days. Its start inspires us to clean up and bring extra energy to old routines. But order should not only prevail in the home; clean structures, clear insights and efficient processes are also required in the workplace. A survey of 500 employees showed that 82 percent are using half an hour of every workday to search for the information they need to do their jobs. This can be done more efficiently. OTRS shares five tips on how to improve order and efficiency in everyday office life. Structure your communication. Today, there are a multitude of communication channels, so conversations can quickly become unclear. According to the latest OTRS study among 500 employees, over a third of office employees spend one hour a day on sorting their emails. This is where digitally-structured communication via a ticket system hel…
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