7 Ways to Stay More Organized at Home and Work

Do you have a problem staying organized and focused? This is an issue for many people today, at home and on the job. Adopt the following 7 practices, tips and strategies, and you will find yourself clutter-free and focused, organized and more productive. 1 - Let Technology Help You There are several applications and pieces of software that can keep you organized at home and on the job. The following apps are some of the most popular for organizing work, handling travel plans, freeing you from text message overwhelm and helping you in other important aspects of your personal and business lives. GroupMe Track My Life Dropbox CamCard Expensify Tripit Hshtags MailTime HabitList IFTTT Toodledo Cold Turkey ProcrasterApp CoSchedule Venmo 2 - List Your Big 3 Every Day Write down your top 3 tasks for the day. Accomplish or complete these first, before you do anything else. You will find your productivity soar, and your organizational skills improve. 3 - Do …
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