How to Make Money before You Have Products to Sell

If you’ve decided that you want to work from home running your own business, you may need to have a form of income while you finish creating products and developing your business infrastructure. There are a number of ways in which you can bring in some income while you get your business off the ground. * Provide a Service – If you plan to make your own products and sell them, you likely have skills that other people will want to use. Try finding out if anyone needs the types of service you could offer. Perhaps you’re good at graphic design, database management, transcription, or something else entirely. Put it out there and people may buy your time. * Get a Part-Time Job – If you can’t wait for services to take off, you can get a part-time job. Sign up to be a substitute teacher or a temp at an agency, or head over to your nearest fast food place and you’re likely to be hired on the spot. * Get a Work-at-Home Job – There are also work-from-home jobs that you can get pr…
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