The Secrets to Success … Just Ask!

Most of the great leaders and successful business people in the world were looked up to and admired because they attained something many aspire to and maybe never achieve.  I believe it is because they were good at asking questions! Inventors would never invent things if they didn’t ask questions. 

A simple example is the wheel.  I can imagine two Neanderthals sitting around thinking, “gee I would love to visit Ugh, but he lives so far away.”  And his friend says to him, “it wouldn’t be so bad if we had something to get us to his place quicker!”  They had already tried riding the backs of dinosaurs and that didn’t’ work.  Have you ever tried to tell a dinosaur where to go?  Those big lugs don’t like taking orders from anyone! 

Hence the question, what could we invent to get us from point A to point B in faster and safer? Some sort of transportation device is my guess.  And instead of riding on the back of a di…

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