Want to Read More? Set Reading Goals

Harper wanted to read more often. But she never seemed to have the time to do it. When the topic came up at her local PTA meeting, another mom passed along a few tips she’d learned that allowed her to read forty books a year or roughly 3.33 books a month. Here’s what she shared… Create a Daily Page Goal The first way to begin reading more is to set a daily page goal. In the beginning of your journey, start small. It’s good to aim for five to ten pages if you don’t regularly read as this will get you into the habit of picking up a book daily. As time goes on, you may find that you want to challenge yourself even more. You might set a new goal to read twenty, thirty, or even fifty pages a day. A good reading goal should stretch you but not overwhelm you. Choose a Reading Routine Besides knowing how much you’ll read, it can be helpful to know when in the day you’ll get your reading in. For example, you might decide that instead of checking your email on your phone i…
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