5 Easy Ways To Land Your First Side Hustle Client

Landing your first client may sound like an extremely difficult thing to do at first. However, if you work on developing your skills and learn how to present yourself as someone who can add value to other people's businesses, then you'll be able to get the ball rolling on your side hustle! "It’s never been easier to make extra money on your own time and on your own terms."  So, here are 5 easy techniques you can follow to get your first-ever paying client: 1. Let your friends know Don't be shy. Your real friends will be happy to help you out, and if they believe in you and your skills, they'll be happy to spread the word about you. If you've got well-connected friends, ask for help. They may be able to connect you with your first client! "The 'sharing economy' is removing barriers; creating opportunities for solopreneurs that were once deemed exclusive to big companies and corporations, and bringing us back to our roots." Unknown 2. Distribute flyers in your neighborh…
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