Why You Have To Write Your Business Goals Down

The importance of writing your goals down. For one, not doing so makes it easier to forget just how important those goals are. But, there’s a lot more to it and there are some very important reasons why you have to write them down. In this blog post, I’d like to share my thoughts on goal planning and setting with the overall goal being to inspire you to write down your own goals going forward. By the way, this works for any type of goal, not just the business ones. The simple act of setting a goal, even if it’s just in your mind, doubles your chances of success. That’s a pretty big deal in itself, isn’t it? If you take it a step further, and actually write those goals down, you’re 10 times as likely to succeed. Read that last line again please. That’s right…you can increase your chances of making it by 1,000%. That’s mind-blowing. There are a few different mental and psychological processes going on here that start to give us a glimpse into why it is so important and …
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