How Businesses Utilize Social Media to Connect

Chances are if you have been in business more than a day, you are using social med. And in fact, if you are getting ready to launch a new business, you are likely using it.  But are you using it correctly? If you're doing it right, social media is a good way to keep up with public opinion about your business and post regular updates about what's going on. Businesses tend to run the gamut between awesome social media strategy, poor media strategy, and no strategy at all and sometimes it feels like there are more ways to get it wrong than to get it right. If you follow some basic tips, though, you can nail that social media strategy in a way that engages customers in a positive way. Don't ever ignore social media. Whenever someone has a gripe about you and your business, they might tell everyone except you. However, an attentive social marketing strategist can quickly find out what people are saying about the business and respond to it. Coca-Cola is one company that…
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