Submit your website to online business, professional and niche directories

Most experts agree that submitting your website(s) to search engines like Google lets them know your site exists. However, today Google finds sites often within moments of being published.  The new technology, coding and the way sites are created has made it easier for search engines to find you. That, however does not mean your site will rank well, at least at the beginning. Until you can establish your site as an authority on a specific topic, it could take a long time to reach page 1 in search. There are ways you can help increase your chances of getting found and increase your search rankings. One way is to submit your website to business, professional and niche directories like  A link from a credible directory is more valuable than a link from a lesser known web site. As search engine algorithms evolve, more weight is being put on keyword related/niche backlinks. Which is why it's important to submit your website to all the directories in yo…
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