It’s a Balancing Act – Its Still a Challenge

Today's woman faces more challenges that women in past generations didn’t face. These challenges include balancing children and work, making time for yourself, making time for your partner, dealing with the responsibilities of running a household... The list goes on an on. And even though today's partner may contribute money and time to getting things done, for some reason women tend to carry a heavy weight on their shoulders, especially when we have children.  And if we don't have a husband, wife or significant other we may still find it difficult to juggle so many responsibilities. That often results in women feeling that they’re falling short at all times, which in turn can lead to unhappiness and even poor health. So how do we take back control as women entrepreneurs and stop ourselves from coming up “short” all the time? Here are a few tips to help you stay sane and avoid these negative feelings: #1 – Avoid Supermom Syndrome – There’s a negative trend in our…
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