There are the aspects of persuasion that we all like to acknowledge, such as charm, wit, likeability, and agreement. Then there are those that tickle the part of our minds that fears losing out on something.

Those methods fall under the category of “Secret Keys,” because they’re extremely valuable and highly effective, and when you use them well, you can create profoundly positive results for yourself, those you love, and everyone around you.

Here are 3 that you can use almost anytime.

1.     Promise a Secret

People love to know what others don’t. We all love to hear secrets. If you promise to reveal something that was previously hidden, you will capture others’ attention quickly. Then when you give them the bit of secret information, you will have added value to their lives, which brings up our second point…

2.     The Law of Reciprocity

There is something funny that happens in the mind of humans when they receive something of value – they want to repay the favor. And they may even reciprocate with a gesture far more generous than your original good deed.

That’s why many businesses offer free pens, Christmas baskets, and other promotional deals to their customers who give them their business. Give your partner something – information, a physical gift, or a favor, and they’ll likely pay you back with their loyalty.

3.     Create Scarcity

Value depends on basic supply and demand. Diamonds and gold are expensive because we believe they are rare. Limited edition art prints fetch a higher price than common posters. The scarcer a commodity, the more people want it. This also applies to your time, your advice, and anything else you have to offer. Make an opportunity rare, and people will scramble for it.

These secret keys are very powerful tools for persuasion. Just like anything else, they can be used for the benefit of all humanity, or for simple, selfish personal gain. Use your powers for good, and you will win the long-standing trust of those around you.  

How will YOU use your Secret Keys of Persuasion TODAY?