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How to Talk to Your Family about Working from Home

When you first realize the possibilities about working from home, it’s normal to get super excited and believe everyone else will be too. But often times the family isn’t as happy as you are, nor as trusting. They think it’s just a pipe dream, or worse, a scam. They haven’t done the research you have so they do not realize the true possibilities and potential surrounding the idea of working from home. Provide Your Research to Them Many times your family just cares about you so much that they simply want to protect you. But, if you show them the research that you’ve done, they may quickly realize that you’ve done your homework, and that you’re not going to get scammed. Give Examples of Others Doing It Successfully More than likely, at this point you have a circle of influence that includes work-at-home success stories. Let your partner and family in on the fact by talking about how so-and-so is making x dollars and all from working from home. Explain what they do, and put th…
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4 Positive Benefits to Trying New Things

What does it mean to try something new? For some, it may mean learning a new sport. For others, it could be trying a new food. Whatever it means to you, the principle is the same for everyone: Trying new things opens your world, eyes, and heart to new possibilities, and that’s a great thing. That’s the overarching benefit of trying new things, but here are four other specific benefits.

Growth Comes from New

When you step out of your comfort zone and into the wilderness of the unknown, a crazy thing happens. You learn and grow as an individual. It may not always be easy or comfortable, but it certainly will expand your mind and make you aware of the possibilities life has to offer – whether that be something thematic like your personality or something smaller like picking up a pair of rollerblades.

Courage Boost

Courage is defined as the ability to do something that frightens you. Chances are, you may be a little frightened by the idea of trying som…

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Eight Inspirational Women in History Who Found Courage

Most people who inspire us due to their courage did not start out wanting to be an inspiration to the world. They simply wanted to fix one thing wrong in their world or show people how to make changes themselves. For others, it was just being in the right place at the right time.

1. Helen Keller – The first deaf and blind person to get a Bachelor of Arts degree, she was made famous initially due to the story she wrote in her book about the journey to learning. She’s been an outspoken supporter of women’s suffrage, labor rights, and other social issues without fear.

9. Irena Sendler – After Poland was invaded by the Nazis, Irena knew she had to do something - even if it meant death. She and her group were responsible for saving about 2500 children who were gotten out and sent to Christian orphanages and given new identities. That’s not all; after being caught and having both her legs broken and being imprisoned and tortured, she worked on reuniting the fa…

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Learning What Makes People Tick

If you don’t get to know the people you are trying to motivate, you won’t motivate them. It is that simple. You can’t apply motivational techniques as if they are a recipe for cooking stew. Besides, even when you cook stew, you often deviate from the recipe.

You need to get at the heart of who each person is when motivating them. People are different, and you need to consider those differences. Some people are driven using high energy techniques whereas others like a laid-back and subtle approach.

To learn about others, you need to learn more about what they are like on a personal level. If you have been avoiding participation in after work activities, you may want to start. This doesn’t mean you need to do it every time. Your employees need to have time away from the boss on occasion. However, you do want to get to know your workers in a more relaxed and social environment.

It’s not likely that your workers will open up completely when you are…

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Keep Moving Forward

The world is splitting apart, and young Eep is running toward a new, adventurous life. Every step she takes is perilous and fraught with danger as the earth crumbles all around her. Behind her is the dark cave she’s always called home. Ahead of her is tropical beach that’s just out of reach. Her father shouts, “Don’t go! It’s too dangerous! Listen to your fears!” Meanwhile her new friend, Guy, runs alongside her, telling her, “Keep going. I believe in you. You can do this.”This, of course, simply paraphrases a scene from the children’s movie “The Croods,” but it holds profound truth for us all. 

Inside your mind lives the voice of a protective authority figure who wants you to play it safe. You also have an adventurous champion who wants you to go for it. The difference between your life in a dark, musty cave and your life in a lush island paradise is your willingness to keep moving forward. 

Here are 3 tricks you can use RIGHT NOW to become as…

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Home Business or Work-at-Home Job – Which Is Right for You?

Many people often want to work from home for a variety of reasons. Maybe you just had a child and want more work-life balance, or perhaps you have an illness that makes it difficult for you to get out of the house. Or maybe you just like being home and want the freedom to work your own way. Whatever the reasons you want to work at home, you’ll need to choose whether or not you want a job from home, or you want a business from home. Here are eight questions to help you decide. 1. Are You Self-Motivated? If you want your own business so that you can set your own hours, you will need to be very self-motivated. You’ll need to take time out of your day for marketing, interviewing clients, closing the deal and then doing the work too. You’ll be 100 percent responsible for delivering the work, billing and collecting. You’ll even be responsible for deciding the methods you’ll use to do the work. To do that you’ll need to be a very self-motivated individual. 2. What Skills Do You Ha…
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